Posted by thermomate on Jan 7th 2022

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for You?

Nowadays, water heaters are one of the most used electrical appliances in a household and no one can deny this fact.

As the several brands in the market with many different types, one is more confused about how to pick their water heaters. So what other aspects one should look for in a water heater before purchasing it apart from heating water?

There are some points that will help to consider which water heater is perfect for you as followed.

1. Size

Typically, you will consider the size or type of water heater depending on the number of people living in your household at first. If for a household of 2-3 people, we usually choose an instant water heater. But for more than 3 people, storage water heaters will be needed.

2. Type

Next, there are several types of water heaters such as storage tanks, instant, and propane gas, tankless, etc. So, you can choose the type of water heaters according to the demand that you want.

3. Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient water heater is more and more popular for the modern household while buying. They can save energy more than 99% maximum while used. Compared to the conventional electric water heaters, the modern tankless water heaters are much more energy-efficient.

4. Warranty

It is advised to choose a brand that supplies with more than 1-2 warranty periods and needs to look for a warranty for accessories.

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