Posted by thermomate on Nov 10th 2021

Tank VS Tankless Water Heater Which One Is Better for You?

Before you purchase a new water heater, maybe you need to choose between a tank-based or a tankless water heater. As each type of water heater works and efficiency differently, please learn more about the differences first if you’re going to choose a new gas water heater.

ZERO propane tankless water heater

Advantage of Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless hot water heater lasts up to twice as long as a traditional tank-based water heater. Tank water heaters could last between 10 to 15 years in many families. However, a tankless water heater with good proper maintenance lasts up to two decades. Regularly, thermomate tankless water heater is much smaller in size, allowing them to fit into somewhere compact spaces. Also suitable for outdoor, garden, backyard for pet, horse shower.

  • Hot water within seconds is achieved with a propane tankless water heater. Allowing to start up with low water pressure, it will work perfectly, stable water flowing under high pressure to meet the requirements of those in water shortage areas, especially those who are in rural, RV & boats.

Disadvantage of Storage Tank Water Heaters

  • The size of a traditional water heater is much larger than a tankless appliance, making harder to find a place in your home and tank models are not suitable for outdoor use.
  • As this type of water heater stores heated water, the how water eventually runs out. Hence you must wait for a period of time before water refill and reheat. Therefore, larger tanks are a necessity to afford the higher energy costs if you need hot water for extended amounts of time. 

There are some tankless water heater models we are recommended, if you are planning to purchase the portable gas water heaters. Please know about thermomate propane water heater we do believe you will be so interested with them.