Posted by thermomate on Nov 3rd 2021

Why to Choose Tankless Gas Water Heater

As a keen-on outdoor life and saving energy lover, you might be interested in using a tankless propane gas water heater. Traditional tank water heaters’ spaces were larger, cannot provide a constant supply of hot water, and consume lots of energy. Besides, they will get rusty inside and develop other problems after about a decade, even if they are good at maintenance. It seems only logical to find out a greener, more cost-effective solution.

Nowadays, tankless water heaters are more and more popular. Compared to tank water heaters, tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan, with many people begin to realize the benefits of cost-saving and efficient moving away from traditional tank water heaters.

AZ132 portable tankless water heater

In this article, we’ll show the 5 hot topic advantages that it may be time for you to purchase in tankless water heaters.

1. Instant Hot Water on Demand - Unlike the tank water heaters where you have to wait for the tank to be filled, the outdoorportable water heater providing endless hot water on demand and activates only when in use anytime.

2. Multi Safety Protection - It has safety protections: overheating protection, anti-freeze protection, flameout protection, and anti-dry protection, which prevent the gas water heater from doing harm to users, providing comfortable and safe bathing conditions, being a reliable product.

3. Portable Appliance to Carry Outdoor - Compact and space-saving design is portable to be installed on the wall, tree, or outdoors like rural areas, RV’s and boats. Bring you an instant hot shower when you are camping, hiking, fishing, beaching or wash your pet in garden.

4. Longer Lifespan - Assuming you maintain it properly, you won’t need to replace it even for 20 years. However, once the tank-based water heaters reach a certain age, they will appear cracks and leaks eventually.

5. Compact Design - Most of tankless water heaters are portable to carry. As they don’t need a storage tank, so they are usually smaller than tank-based models. Apparently, tankless models mean you’ll need less space to install your appliance.

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