Unveiling the Top Tankless Water Heaters of 2024: From Whole Home Comfort to Tiny Living

Unveiling the Top Tankless Water Heaters of 2024

--In the ever-evolving landscape of home comfort solutions, Thermomate proudly presents its top-of-the-line tankless water heaters for 2024. Engineered to deliver unrivaled efficiency, energy savings, and endless hot water, our Electric Tankless Water Heater series is designed to cater to diverse household needs. From spacious homes requiring a whole-home solution to compact living spaces with limited water demands, Thermomate has you covered.

ET060 - Compact Efficiency for One Wash Basin:

Power: 6kW

Ideal for: Single wash basin use

SKU: ET060

Introducing the ET060, your go-to choice for efficiency in small-scale water heating. Perfect for a single wash basin, this compact powerhouse ensures instant hot water at your fingertips. With an emphasis on energy savings and a space-saving design, the ET060 is the epitome of reliability in a compact form.

ET110 - Versatility for One Bathroom + One Wash Basin:

Power: 11kW

Ideal for: Single bathroom + one wash basin

SKU: ET110

For those seeking versatility without compromising on performance, the ET110 stands tall. This model effortlessly caters to the demands of a single bathroom and an additional wash basin. Experience the convenience of on-demand hot water without worrying about space constraints. The ET110 is the perfect blend of power and flexibility.

ET180 - Powering Two Bathrooms Simultaneously:

Power: 18kW

Ideal for: Two bathrooms

SKU: ET180

Say goodbye to cold showers with the ET180, engineered to power two bathrooms simultaneously. This model is designed to meet the demands of larger households, ensuring a seamless flow of hot water whenever you need it. With advanced heating technology, the ET180 is your key to a comfortable, multi-bathroom living experience.

ET270 - Whole-Home Comfort for Three Bathrooms:

Power: 27kW

Ideal for: Three bathrooms

SKU: ET270

Elevate your home's hot water capabilities with the ET270, the pinnacle of whole-home comfort. Engineered to handle the demands of three bathrooms simultaneously, this model ensures an uninterrupted supply of hot water for your entire household. Embrace the luxury of a Thermomate ET270 for an unparalleled water heating experience.


In 2024, Thermomate continues to redefine the standards of tankless water heating with its Electric Tankless Water Heater series. From the compact efficiency of the ET060 to the whole-home comfort provided by the ET270, our products are designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern living. Experience the future of water heating with Thermomate – where innovation meets reliability.


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