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The built-in induction cooktop uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for heating work and is an advanced electronic cooker for the modern kitchen. The built-in induction hob is embedded in the kitchen countertop so that the entire induction hob and the cabinet countertop are at the same level, which is aesthetically pleasing and creates a more sleek look for your kitchen countertop than other stoves. But before you rush to the store to purchase a built-in induction hob, it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of the built-in induction stove top


The built-in induction hob is more beautiful than the freestanding induction cooktop. Since the built-in electric cook top and the kitchen countertop are at the same level, it will create a sleek look for the countertop and adds aesthetic value to the whole kitchen. Freestanding induction hobs take up countertop space and look bulkier. Induction cooktops are undoubtedly the first choice in modern open kitchens.


Fast Cooking

A built-in induction cook top can generate an electromagnetic field by the heater, which quickly transfers heat to the induction-compatible cookware. No other technology is speedier than induction. It cuts out the intermediate step of heating an element and then transferring the heat to the pot. So the induction hobs cook more quickly when you turn up the heat and respond faster when you dial it back down. And there are fewer chances of the food getting overcooked because the hob has a temperature control feature that allows controlled cooking at a particular temperature.

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Save Up Space

Most cooktops need to occupy a certain countertop space, so a certain space will be reserved for the induction hob during decoration, which will make the kitchen space a little narrow. The built-in electric cook top highlights its advantages in this regard. The structure is relatively novel, and it is an embedded way, which can save kitchen space very well.


Easy to Clean

Theelectric cook top is easy to clean at the same level as the countertop, and the food does not stick to the surface. For routine cleaning, wipe the hob with a damp cloth dipped in water or a mild detergent solution. Do not use sharp tools or abrasive cleaning materials on the built-in induction hob. Otherwise, they might create scratches.


Disadvantages of the built-in induction stove top

The most obvious disadvantage is built-in induction cooktop is more expensive than other stoves. Compared with the freestanding induction stove top, it will cost an extra installation price.

If it is used for a long time in the future and there is a failure problem, the maintenance would also cost more.

Once the electric cook top is installed, it can not be moved anymore. Unlike portable induction cook top, it can be easily carried and moved.

Like other electric cook top, copper, aluminum, and glass cookware don't work on the built-in induction stove top. It is essential to buy induction-compatible cookware with a magnetic bottom in materials like stainless steel or cast iron that can transfer the heat from the induction hob to the cookware. Also, the base must be perfectly flat.



At present, many people who accept built-in induction stove top have modern kitchens and consumers who pursue high-quality life. With various advantages, built-in induction cooktops will soon become consumers' pursuit of quality of life, health, cleanliness, and safety.


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