Why is Tankless Electric Water Heater not Working?

"Why isn't my water heater working?" You're asking yourself how to get your shower to the perfect temperature as you try and fail. It's an especially frustrating scene when you've just stepped into the shower, ready for that invigorating warm water.

Your first instinct may be to desperately try anything that can possibly get your water heater running again. But wait, many water heater problems are too complicated, even dangerous, for DIY repairs.



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Why Is My Water Heater Not Working?

1.The water is too hot

  • Accidentally set the temperature too high——just turn it down
  • In the case of sufficient power, the water intake is too small——turn up the water inlet valve
  • The temperature probe is faulty, and there is no way to recognize the command——replace the temperature probe

2. The water doesn't get hot

  • The water flow is too large——turn down the water inlet valve
  • Faulty temperature probe——replace the temperature probe
  • Heating wire failure——replace the heating tube

3. Leaking Water Heater

  • The water inlet and outlet joints are not tightened——tighten the water inlet and outlet joints
  • The sealing rubber pad is damaged——replace the sealing rubber pad

4.The water output becomes smaller and smaller

The water inlet filter is clogged or the shower head is blocked——clean the water inlet filter and shower channel .(If you don't know how to clean it yourself, you can find professional technicians to operate or guide it. You can also find us for professional guidance.)


5. Water Looks Brown Or Rusted

The first thing to do is to ask yourself, ' Is brown, rusty water just coming out of my hot tap ? If the answer is yes, it 's likely that the inside of the anode rod or water heater starts to rust, especially as your water heater approaches its useful life. ( The ' no ' answer means that the problem is not the water heater, but the water supply system. )

FIX: Contact a plumber to inspect the water heater. If you catch the problem quickly enough, it might be fixable. Otherwise, you’ll need a water heater replacement. Consider installation of an efficient new tankless water heater.


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Note:The above are some easy-to-operate error troubleshooting. No matter what the problem is, if you can't solve it by yourself, please contact us with the order number, video and pictures of the product problem. Questions can be sent to support@thermomate.com.


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