Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

-- Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

Tired of waiting for hot water? Improve your life quality by speeding up how fast hot water gets to your faucet.

Winter is coming, as the temperature outside cools with the changing seasons, so does the incoming water temperature in your house or business. This makes washing hands a COLD affair and you may have to wait minutes for hot water to reach your faucet.

Hot water takes a long time to reach the faucet is simply due to the distance between the water heater and the fixture and that  is one of the main reason many people don’t realize. The further away a fixture is from the water heater, the longer it takes for the hot water to travel to it. Once you’ve opened the tap at your sink you must flush the cold water out of the pipe before the hot water is able to reach you.

Thermomate - electric water heater | ET110

A Mini Tank Water Heater - It is the simplest and most effective solution to solve this problem. They can easily be installed under sinks for single applications and plumbed in line with your current hot water system to reduce wait time and waste, and in return they provide hot water quickly and efficiently.

Thermomate - electric water heater | ET180

Easy To Installation

It is easily to install your mini tank water heater and can easily be plumbed in line with your existing plumbing. You may need to add an outlet if one isn’t handy, but most users can add a “tail” off an existing GFCI to get a code-compliant outlet to power the water heater. Always consult local building codes and an electrician for advice on your particular situation.

Water connections are a snap, just route the current hot water line into the inlet of the mini-tank water heater, and the output from the mini-tank water heater to the hot connection on the sink.

After installing a point of use mini tank water heater, the faucet pulls hot water directly from the small tank installed under the sink providing immediate hot water. The cooled water that travels through your pipes will now be stored in the mini tank to be reheated and continue to supply this instant hot water source.

Thermomate - electric water heater | ES150

Which Unit Do I Need?

Thermomate Mini Tank Electric Water Heater is perfect for you.

Normal use, like a sink in a bathroom or kitchen, is best paired with a smaller mini tank model like the ES150 - Mini Tank Electric Water Heater 1.3 Gallons Or ET035 - Tankless Electric On Demand Hot Water Heater - 120V | 3.5kW. Instant heat is available in both models which can fit under most sinks. They both attach to your existing hot water line and use a standard power connection, making installation a breeze.

Thermomate - electric water heater | ET035&ES150

Most people find the 1.3 Gallon models sufficient for their needs. However, if you have a higher usage installation like in an office kitchen, busy bathroom, or small clinic sink, then the  ES250, ES400, or ES700 will allow more hot water to be stored at a single point.


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