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With plenty of models to choose from, what features should you look for when buying a wall oven? Are certain functions essential?

Everything you need to know before buying a new wall oven.To help you make sense of your options, here's our advice on what you should consider, such as size, features, and functions, plus how to use your oven efficiently.


Wall Oven Sizes


Wall ovens are available in several widths, including 24, 27, 30, and 36 inches. Currently thermomate ovens are all 24 inches.When buying an oven, it is also very important to choose a suitable embedded space to install the oven. This needs to be selected according to the size of the oven and installation requirements.


Wall Oven Fuel Types


This type of oven requires natural gas or a liquid propane connection. You may have a limited choice of sizes and brands for this type of oven.




Electric wall ovens require a 220~240V connection and they are usually available in all sizes and styles.



Wall Oven Standard Features


wall oven natural gas electric

These features are common on every wall oven.

Flat racks
All wall ovens come standard with1-6 racks, depending on the oven size and configuration.

Viewing window & oven light
A large, clear-view window with an oven light allows you to check the cooking process without opening the door.

High/Low broil option
This feature lets you choose high or low broiling. High broiling is used mostly to quickly cook, brown, char, or caramelize. The low setting allows for slower broiling to ensure doneness without drying out foods.

Oven timer
All ovens will have a timer, some ovens have both a bake and regular timer. The difference is the bake timer only works when the oven is engaged, whereas the regular timer can be used for anything.

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