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Glass cooktops are the style of choice for anyone who prefers electric cooktop or induction stovetop appliances and while nothing beats them for their seamless look and sleek style, they can be a real eyesore in your kitchen when covered with grease, film, burned-on deposits and food spills.

Here is the dilemma each glass-top stove owner must face: How aggressively can one clean without scratching the surface of the stove? Which cleaning products are safe? Is there a trick to cleaning these things?


How to keep your cooktop clean everyday

First and foremost, the easiest way to keep your glass-top stove clean is by wiping down the surface after each use. Here's what to do to ward of cloudiness and keep your cooktop sparkling:

1. Promptly wipe up spills and splatters as they happen with a damp sponge or cloth.
2. Use a grease-cutting spray or wipe specifically made for glass on a cool cooktop. If you don't have cooktop cleaner handy, use a spritz of full strength white vinegar. It will cut grease and clean without streaking.
3. Rinse and buff the glass dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.


How to clean cook stove if you're only free on weekends

If you’ve forgotten to wipe down your stove and are dealing with stuck-on stains, you’ll need a more thorough cleaning technique.

1. Once the stovetop is cool, use white vinegar to spray the surface. Next, generously sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar. Place a clean towel, soaked in hot water and wrung out, over the vinegar/baking soda mix. Let this mixture work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the towel and wipe away the residue with a microfiber cloth. Spray more vinegar and use a fresh microfiber cloth to polish away any streaks.

2. Rinse the surface thoroughly and buff dry. It’s super important to completely remove any cleaning product residue, otherwise it, too, can bake and burn on and even worse, interfere with the performance of your cooktop, especially induction.


How to remove stubborn stains from glass cooktops

If your glass cooktop has seen some days and is already covered with burned-on grime and needs some TLC to remove discoloration, it’s time to pull out the heavy duty tools:

Note: However, before trying this method, check the manufacturer’s care instructions!

1. Lay a hot, moist towel on the glass to help soften the residue.

2. Use a razor blade — or the scraper that comes in a cooktop cleaning kit — held at a 45° angle, carefully scrape off the burned bits. Don’t worry, the glass on these cooktops is durable and can handle this treatment.

3. Depending on how baked-on the deposits are, you may have to repeat the hot towel/razor blade step several times.
Clean the entire top with your cleanser; then rinse well and buff dry



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