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More and more households or campers are in favor of using a tankless water heater in daily life. The benefits of owning this type of unit compact design in size are to save space and improve energy efficiency. However, there is a problem that always confused most buyers, which unit will best fit your demand, indoor or outdoor?

Take an example for thermomate tankless water heaters, here are small tips that can help you do the best choice.

If you live in areas with a relatively cold climate in winter, you must consider maintaining the unit to avoid freezing cracks. we typically recommend that you can consider an indoor tankless water heater install inside your home. thermomate ET110, ET180, ET270 Indoor Electric Tankless Models which features 3s instant heating will fit your need.

If you consider mounted outside your home or use for camping outdoor. The thermomate Gas Tankless Water Heater Models AZ132, ZERO10, ZERO16 , AZ132A and AZ132B all are compact and portable in size, lightweight to carry on the car or off-gird areas, and so on.

If you are a camper lover or need easier installation, thermomate gas tankless water heater will be perfect for you. You can try looking for suitable units on our website to ensure that you are finding the right water heater for your demand. If you are Other products also can find on thermomate.com.


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