Electric Water Heaters FAQs

The temperature can vary based on the temperature of the incoming water. Each of our tankless water heaters offer at least a 35-40 degree F temperature rise based on the temperature of your incoming water. You will need to adjust the heater to the preferred temperature.

All our mini-tank water heaters CANNOT be installed horizontally. They are designed to be installed vertically.

Our tankless water heaters will perform and last a long time with poor water quality; however, you need to be sure you clean and descale it quarterly or at least twice a year.

All of our water heaters are tested at the manufacturer level to ensure safety and quality. If there is residual water in your new product, that would be why. Often it is impossible to completely drain the water out of the piping of the heater. our technical team tests all OB and S&D water heaters here in the warehouse prior to shipping to be sure they are all in great working condition. No need to worry. Just know that it means your water heater has been thoroughly tested.

Yes. It is important to clean and descale your unit at least every 6 months to maintain its flawless performance. Your water heater will run the risk of overheating and can deteriorate its effectiveness if you do not keep up with flushing your water heater.

Infrared Space Heater FAQs

Yes, it features overheat protection. Once it's over 248°F, it will shut off automatically, give you a safety winter.

Of course the radiant heater will keep you warm through the night(8 hrs).
Besides, there are 4 timer models to choose from 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or no timer. What's more, it features overheat protection. Once it's over 248°F, the unit will shut off automatically, give you a safety winter.

thermoflow far Infrared radiant heating panels work by emitting Long Wave Infrared Rays better known as FAR Infrared or Radiant Heat. Make sure the heater is facing the person then you can feel the warmth directly.

Radiant Heat is a completely safe invisible form of energy that only heats the surfaces of solid objects such as walls, ceilings, floors and even people. This is achieved by a process called conversion and means that no energy is wasted by having to heat any of the surrounding air in the same way as conventional radiators, storage heaters and fan heaters.

Once the solid object heats up it starts to radiate heat back into the surrounding air effectively turning your whole room and all objects and surfaces within it into a giant radiator. As human beings we benefit from this in several ways:

1. We feel the effects of this type of heat almost immediately – no more waiting around for rooms to heat up.

2. Because we are being heated directly this allows us to reduce the temperature in the room 2-3 degrees and still enjoy that same comfortable feeling but now with much smaller bills.

3. Traditional heating systems are notorious for circulating dust, pollen, spores and bacteria which can be harmful to our health. With Radiant Heat the air remains still so that asthma sufferers and people with allergies feel much better.

Yes, it can. It can heap up 20~30 sq.ft protected outdoor site.

No, this electric space heater cannot withstand rain.

Yes, both HS1800NA and HS3000NA require 240v otherwise can't supply enough power.

General FAQs

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Electric cooktop FAQs

Burner caps- Wash the burner caps with hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not soak the burner caps. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Nonabrasive cleaners and liquid cleaners may also be used.

Burner bases- Make sure the cooktop has cooled completely before cleaning the burner bases. Clean the burner bases with hot water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth. Use a stiff nylon toothbrush to clean the port openings and do not scratch or gouge them. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Gas igniters- After the igniters have cooled down, carefully wipe the igniters with a cotton swab dampened with water. Gently scrape the soil off with a toothpick. Avoid exposing the igniters to excessive water, as a damp igniter may not light up. Remove any lint that may remain after cleaning.

Power Rate of the Cooktop

The first point that you need to consider when looking for an induction cooktop is the power rate. A higher power rate ensures faster cooking, though it may also cost more. Most of the induction cooktops rate between 1000-2000W. So, if you need something that helps you cook faster, you need to opt for an induction cooktop with a higher power rate.

Pre-set Menu

For the convenience of the users, some of the latest induction cooktops come with a pre-set menu. Depending on the dish that you cook, the pre-set menu adjusts the temperature of the appliance. So, whether you are boiling milk, making rice, roti and frying vegetables, the induction cooktop adjusts the temperature accordingly so that you get perfectly cooked dishes with a single touch.

Safety Features

This is another important factor to consider when looking for an induction cooktop. Modern induction cooktops such as the one from KENT comes with an auto-pan detection feature, which ensures heating is turned-off as soon as you remove the cookware from the cooktop. In addition, if you forget to switch off the appliance, the cooktop will automatically switch off if the pan is too hot.

Pan Size of the Cooktop

Every induction cooktop comes with a minimum and maximum pan size. If the cookware is smaller than the supported pan size, the cooktop will not detect the pan and won’t start heating the pot. The size of the cookware needs to match the coil size of the induction cooktop for maximum efficiency.

Portability of the Cooktop

Depending on the preference of the users, they can choose from portable or fixed cooktops. A portable induction cooktop makes it convenient for the user to take the appliance anywhere they want. Whether you are planning to cook on your rooftop or backyard, a portable cooktop makes it easy to carry the appliance anywhere.

1.Check if a household fuse has blown, or a circuit breaker has tripped.

2.Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician.
Check that the cooktop has been wired properly:

3.Check the control knob has been set correctly.

4.Push in the knob before turning to a setting.

1.Check if the cookware is the proper size.
-- Use cookware about the same size as the surface cooking area, element or surface burner. Cookware should not extend more than 1/2″ (1.3 cm) outside the cooking area.

1.The cooktop frequently cycles on and off:
-- This is normal operation. Cycling at the high power setting is normal and can occur if the cookware is too small for the cooktop element or if the cookware bottom is not flat. Use the cooktop as usual.

2.The surface unit stops glowing when changed to a lower setting:
-- This is normal. The unit is still on and hot. Use the cooktop as usual.

1.This is normal operation. This is the sound of the metal heating and cooling during cooking. Continue to use the cooktop as usual.

1.Food spillover can cause discoloration.

2.The cooktop surface may appear discolored when it is hot. This is temporary and will disappear as the glass cools.

3.There are brown streaks or specks:
- A boilover may have been cooked onto the surface:
-- Wait until the surface cools down. Then, use a single-edge razor-blade scraper at approximately 45° angle against the glass surface to remove the soil.

4.There are areas of discoloration with a metallic sheen:
- Mineral deposits from water and food have been left on the surface of the cooktop:
-- Remove with a ceramic-glass cooktop cleaning cream.
-- Use cookware with clean, dry bottoms.
-- Clean the cooktop with a ceramic cleaning agent regularly every week.

1.Scratches are not removable. Tiny scratches will be less visible in time as a result of cleaning.

2.Use ceramic glass top cleaning creaming.

3.Do not use chemical or corrosive agents. These agents may damage the surface of the product.

4.Avoid scratches by following the recommended cleaning procedures.

5.Make sure cookware bottoms are clean before use, and use cookware with smooth bottoms. Coarse particles such as salt or sand can scratch the cooktop.

6.Avoid sliding cookware across the cooktop surface to prevent scratches.

Induction cooktop FAQs

Glass-ceramic is a heat-resistant glass that does not expand and is extremely tough. If dark and dull spots form on the glass over time after cooking, this is not a defect in the glass, but a film of dirt that can be removed with a glass-ceramic cleaner.

As a rule, scratches on the glass are not caused by the metal of the bottom of the pot, but by dirt particles that stick to the bottom of the pot, e.g. when the pot is in the sink while potatoes are being peeled and the pot is then placed on the Cooktop with sand residues. The sand can contain particles that leave scratches on the hob when the peeled pulled over the glass-ceramic.

Induction cooktops only work properly if they detect a sufficient amount of magnetic mass on the bottom of the pan. There are many "induction-grade" pots out there. Often, however, only a thin metal plate is glued to the bottom of the pot. It can therefore happen that pots are not recognized or the hob does not activate full power because not enough magnetic mass is detected.

If the induction cooktops switches itself off during cooking, there may be insufficient ventilation. In addition, the running noise of the fans increases because the induction coils have to be cooled. and the hob will be switch off automatically while it's overheating.

Gas cooktop FAQs

When you are looking for a gas cooktop here are some factors you should consider: the number of burners required,and size.

Stainless steel surfaces- Clean stainless steel areas by using mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain when washing and drying. Rinse with water and wipe dry to avoid watermarks. Do not use cleaners that are abrasive or contain chlorine since both are corrosive to stainless steel. For added shine, apply a stainless steel conditioner and wipe off the excess with a soft cloth.

 Stainless steel conditioners and cleaners can have negative effects on materials other than stainless steel. Do not apply stainless steel conditioners and cleaners to control labels, logos, black stainless steel, or appliance interiors.

Thanks for your consultation.
The GHSS302 gas cooktop was pre-installed for natural gas, if you need to change natural gas to propane, please make sure a qualified technician should do it.
There are 2 nozzles for LPG that come with the package, you can replace the NG nozzle with the LPG nozzle.
Nozzle for Semi Rapid Burner: NG-100(1/100mm), LPG-68(1/100mm)
Nozzle for Triple Ring Burner: NG-130(1/100mm), LPG-93(1/100mm)
Besides, the gas regulator(1/2 NPT) is pre-installed for NG use, it can also be adjusted for LPG use, for more details please refer to the link below: https://youtu.be/4cu_ZbbSVyE
This gas cooktop is not user serviceable. A qualified technician must complete the installation. A leakage test is essential and mandatory.
Any problem please feel free to contact us.
Number: 1(844)334-4203
Email: support@thermomate.com

We offer lifetime aftersale service and a 1-year warranty for the whole unit.
If you need a replacement cast iron grille, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you solve your issue within 24 hours.
Number: +1(844)334-4203Email:support@thermomate.com

The flame of the gas cooktops is pre-adjusted before shipping to the customer. If the flame you use is too big, please make sure you use the right gas source, the gas cooktop is pre-installed for natural gas use, converting to propane use need to replace the NG nozzles with LPG nozzles (LPG nozzles are attached within the package), and a 0.4 PSI gas regulator is necessary. Any problem please feel free to contact us.

Water Heater FAQs

The purpose of adjusting the water temperature is achieved by rotating the gas knob and the water valve.

If you want a higher temperature.
Besides keeping the gas supply(gas knob) at the lowest point, you can adjust the water valve clockwise to the maximum.
After you adjust the gas supply minimum, and the water supply maximum, if the out water is still hot, we suggest you equip a pump with the water heater.

If you want a lower temperature, do the opposite!

The overheating protection is not a timer. It works with a temperature sensor in the water heater, if the water temperature in the unit is more than 176℉, then the propane source will be cut off.
You can enjoy the shower for a very long time as you like without worrying about the sudden hot water cut.

Thanks for your consultation, all thermomate tankless water heaters are recommended for use below 2000 ft.

If this water heater would like to stay outdoors 24/7 must meet the prerequisite that needs to build a baffle above it, which cannot be exposed to rain.

If the outside temperature is around or below freezing (32℉/0℃ ), ensure that the drain plug is opened and water drained from the portable tankless water heater after each use to avoid internal damage to the heat exchanger. You will also need to unhook the outgoing water line to ensure that any water in the heat exchanger is drained. Failure to properly drain your portable tankless water heater will cause water damage which may or may not be repairable.
If you have any problem please feel free to contact us.
☎ Number: 1(844)334-4203
📧Email: support@thermomate.com

Wall Oven FAQs

Wash the exterior surfaces and gaskets with warm water and mild soap or detergent. Wipe and dry.  We recommend using a clean microfiber cloth or a soft clean cloth to polish and dry.  Ensure to thoroughly dry all surfaces.

IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the finish, do not use soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive or harsh cleaners, any cleaning product containing chlorine bleach, steel-wool pads, gritty washcloths or paper towels. Using these types of products may scratch and/or dull the clear coat of the stainless surface.

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and the oven is cool. Always follow the label instructions on cleaning products.

Remove oven racks from the oven cavity
Use a combination of soap water and a soft cloth or sponge
Thoroughly dry with a soft cloth
Replace oven racks into the oven cavity
For harder to remove stains use a steel-wool pad.

NOTE: For racks that have discolored and/or are harder to slide, apply a light coating of vegetable oil to help them slide.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit ourManualsandLiterature page.

This wall oven is not user serviceable, and installation must be completed by a qualified technician.

You can look through thermomate.comDowload Manualsor contact us bysupport@thermomate.com.

Range Hood FAQs

Step 1: Decide the style of your range hood:wall mount or under cabinet.

Step 2: Measure the width of the location where you plan to install the range hood. And then, use the measurement to choose the appropriate range hood.

Step 3:Determine whether you need a chimney or not. If you want to know more, readHow to Choose a Range Hood?orHow Many CFM Do I Need For My Range Hood?

Rust stains on stainless steel surfaces can occur if the wrong cleaning agents are used. When cleaning with vinegar cleaner, there may be problems with rust formation. These rust stains can be easily removed with a stainless steel cleaner in the initial stage. Please do not use any vinegar-based cleaning agents. Stains on stainless steel - looks like discolored: Please use a stainless steel cleaner.

Ventless or ductless range hoods are especially useful for kitchens that do not have ventilation. They are designed with carbon filters that re-circulate the air, hence improving indoor air quality.

Replace the filter in 2-4 month.

Dishwasher washable, clean it in every 3-7 days with mild detergent. The cleaning time period can be adjusted according to the actual usage.

Cleaning the aluminum grease filters:
The best way to clean the aluminum grease filter is to soak them in warm water with washing-up liquid and soak them. A dish brush is suitable for cleaning. Alternatively, you can clean the grease filters in the dishwasher. Depending on the cleaning agent, the metal filters can turn dark. This is normal and not a reason for complaint.

Rattling noises or vibrations:
Please check all small parts are properly connected and that no other objects or the power cable are touching the fan wheel. Basically, if the cross-section of the exhaust air line is too small, the motor will turn a little faster because it cannot remove as much air. The engine will then start to hum and vibrate. Note: An extractor hood will only run quietly and with little vibration if the exhaust air duct is properly laid.

Insufficient suction:
In addition to the air exhaust duct pipe, it is particularly important in modern houses that there is a sufficient supply of air. If no air comes in, it cannot be conveyed outside.

The most common cause of this issue is shipping tape being present on top of the damper flaps, preventing them from opening properly.

To check that the damper flaps are working properly, follow the steps below: Unplug your unit and remove the ductwork from the top of the hood. Pull on the damper flaps with your hands to make sure they are not stuck in place, and that any tape or other debris is removed from their path. Remove the damper flaps one at a time and attempt to spin the fan with your hand, or using a long tool such as a screwdriver. If the issue persists, please look for any other blockage in the duct or any external dampers that are not opening properly. Feel for any abnormal vibration while in use. This can be a sign of an unbalanced fan. Ensure that the correct duct size is being used according to the required specifications in the installation manual. If the duct size has been reduced, it will negatively affect both the suction power and noise level of the range hood. The grease filters may be clogged or dirty. Thoroughly clean or replace the baffle filters. If the issue is not resolved, record a brief video of the sound and send it to support atsupport@thermomate.comThis will allow us to properly diagnose your range hood and suggest any replacement parts if necessary.

We recommend cleaning your range hood with mild soap mixed with warm water applied to a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. You can also use stainless steel polish or cleaner intended for stainless steel appliances. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
Permanent, stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher safe but can also be hand washed using warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. Aluminum mesh filters should be hand washed only with warm, soapy water and replaced if they become too dirty or clogged. Carbon filters cannot be washed and should be replaced every 4-6 months depending on usage.

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