Can electric cooktop be repaired?——The 6 Most Complete troubleshooting Methods

Have you ever had your electric stovetop stop working? Are you still having a problem with it after troubleshooting and repairs? Here are common reasons you might have an electric cooktop that isn’t working correctly.

Induction cooktops, like all electric appliances, can sometimes malfunction. If your electric cooktop is not working, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem.

It’s essential to understand that induction stove tops work differently than other stoves. So the tricks you use to fix issues with gas or electric stoves might not work with an induction stovetop.

Additionally, because the induction cooktop is such a vital appliance in any kitchen, it’s essential to troubleshoot and repair any problems as soon as possible.


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Induction burners not working (all burners) - Troubleshooting


  1. Possible reason: The customer activated the child lock unconsciously

         Solution suggestion: remove the child lock


2. Possible cause: Induction cooker wiring error
Solution suggestion: Refer to our wiring diagram and instruction manual for wiring to ensure correct wiring
  1. Possible cause: The wiring of the induction cooker is loose or has poor contact

Suggested solution: Visually check whether the wiring is loose or in poor contact, and re-wire to ensure that it is in place


  1. Possible cause: The home power circuit breaker fuse is defective or has tripped

Suggested solution: Check the fuse in the fuse box with an electric pen, and replace or reset it if necessary.


  1. Possible cause: The display board is faulty and cannot provide control

Suggested solution: Troubleshoot the power board and main board, that is, the display board is faulty, and the display board needs to be replaced


  1. Possible cause: The overheating protection device (thermistor, IGBT, and other temperature control circuits) works, and the overheating protection disconnects the circuit

Solution suggestion: Turn off the power and cool down for 3-4 hours, then turn on the power again


Note: For all operations related to electricity, for the sake of safety, please let professional electrician technicians do the operation!

 after service thermomate induction cooktop cooker induction stove top is it worth to buy?

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