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Electric and Outdoor Heaters: Taking the Chills Out of Halloween

No matter your age, when Halloween rolls around, everyone gets excited to put reality to the side and dress up as their favorite character. But Halloween can also mean colder days and nights – in some cases, even the first snow of the season. Who could forget the Halloween blizzard that hit Minnesota in 1991*? But maybe an electric fireplace can help soften those memories….

Because fun should be weather-proof, there are many electric fireplaces available from Thermomate.com that can help any family take on Halloween without being slowed down by the chill in the air. Here are some of the advantages of making the investment.


Enhance Your Walls

electric fireplaces heaters keep warm heating halloween appliances

Fireplaces and fall go hand-in-hand, and luckily you don’t have to remodel your entire living room to install one. Thermomate carries electric fireplaces that can easily dress up an entire wall.

Bring home the perfect place to display your favorite Halloween décor with a wall mantel electric fireplace that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. For a piece that offers simple, classic style that makes the perfect backdrop for decorating for any holiday.




Space-Saving Electric Fireplaces for Any Room

Carbon fiber infrared heating solution to provide heat as soon as the heater is switched on, also allow for even distribution of heat. The radiant heat does not heat the surrounding air, only those surfaces that the radiation hits, offering safe, clean, and odorless heat for you to enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions. As the radiant heat is absorbed by the occupants, rather than the heating all the air, you feel warmer faster.Let's get your first Infrared Space Heater.

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Freestanding Electric Heater

The realistic dancing flame effect in the electric fireplace diffuses a cozy and pleasant light in the room. Besides being warm, it also brings you a pleasant atmosphere of conviviality and romance.

Realistic log set and ember bed sit in a black finish fire grate. Compact designs are great for all indoor spaces including corners. Independent LED realistic flame effect with adjustable brightness setting to help set the mood. A quiet, fan-forced electric fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to your interior. A safety thermal cut-off switch prevents the appliance from overheating or being damaged. The remote control is included for easy operation.



Campfire Outdoor Heating

The flame is more likely to be contained within a burn chamber. They can be a safer alternative for you to use at any campsite. You can stay undetected and also avoid fire hazards.This outdoor heater is very necessary when you want to enjoy the evening Halloween atmosphere in the courtyard.

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