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-- Cleaning an oven isn’t something you would enjoy. However, what’s worse than cleaning your gas oven is inhaling foul oven fumes while using it, apart from good housekeeping, cleaning grease and leftover food from appliances like gas ovens greatly reduces the chances of fires. There is some tips about cleaning your oven I will share you and I hope you will find them helpful.

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Firstly, ensure that your gas oven is in a proper state before you begin cleaning. In order to remove the potential for accidents or injury, you should take the following suggestions.

Safe cleaning of a gas oven requires avoiding burns or gas leaks. And then make sure that all surfaces cool before cleaning. Do not start to clean until after at least an hour or more to pass after using your oven to let it cool.

A good pre-cleaning is also essential for an effective cleaning plan and will help you learn how to clean an oven fast with minimal effort. Giving all of your surfaces a quick once-over ahead of full-on gunk removal is a great way to identify and pre-treat any trouble spots and makes regular cleaning easy.

Precleaning Tools:Spatula or another gentle scraper,gloves, safety glasses or goggles, clean, damp cloth or paper towel.                                                            

Don the safety gear. Gently scrape off any large, loose pieces with a spatula. Don’t forget to give the inside of the oven door a scraping, as well, and check the broiler compartment. Wipe up any debris and residue with a damp cloth. You might need to repeat this once or twice to fully prep the oven.

Clean an Gas Oven without Chemicals

oven cleaning - Thermomate

You can use this people-friendly oven cleaner to make the inside of your gas oven sparkle.

  • 2 teaspoons borax or baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid
  • 11⁄4 cups ammonia
  • 11⁄2 cups hot water

Mix the ingredients, apply generously to spills, and let soak for 30 minutes or as long as overnight. Loosen tough spills with a nylon scrubber and then wipe up with a damp sponge.

Clean the Oven Door and Interiorc

Getting your dirty oven door and the inside of your oven clean is key to your cleaning activities. Many oven doors are removable, which makes them easier to clean. Never soak your door, though, as you could introduce water into the glass layers in the door window.

Never use metal scouring pads on your oven, as they can scratch the surface.Put on the safety gear. Remove oven racks, and wash them in warm soapy water in the sink. Sprinkle baking soda on any stains on the door or in the oven.

Fill the bottle with vinegar or lemon the natural oven cleaner, and spray the stains to create a thick paste. Scrub at the stains with the scouring pad until they lift away.

Clean Oven Control Knobs

Wipe off any debris with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe down the bottom of the oven, too. Repeat this cleaning method until all stains are gone, and the oven is clean. Using lemon juice has the added benefit of leaving behind a delightful citrus scent.

It’s easy to overlook your oven trim when you go about your cleaning tasks. However, metal oven trim is an ideal location for grease, dirt, and other grime and gunk. Getting your metal trim clean and gleaming makes your entire kitchen look more premium. You don’t need to get fancy when you clean trim. You’ll be able to clean most trim using either store-bought cleaners or soapy water.Make sure to remove all soap residue after you clean the trim and other areas, and give it a wipe-down with a dry cloth when you are finished cleaning.

Always give your knobs a proper cleaning when you tackle the rest of the oven. Your control knobs are likely detachable, which makes them much easier to clean than they would be otherwise. If you have a dishwasher, you can pop them in and send them through a cleaning cycle.

Make a homemade oven cleaner with warm water and give the knobs a good rinse in warm, soapy water. Make sure not to scrub too hard, though, or you could rub off the knob markings! Stainless steel knobs are the most straightforward of all and often are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Clean an Gas Oven without Chemicals | Thermomate

Finally, you will get a clean oven

There are many benefits to having a clean oven that go beyond a better tasting meal. For example, did you know a dirty oven is a fire hazard? That’s right. All the grease buildup and burnt pieces of leftover food can lead to a fire. Here are a few other benefits you might not know about:

Lower energy bill: A clean oven works more efficiently than a dirty one. When your oven is clean, heat can be distributed more evenly, reducing the amount of time spent cooking and saving your money on your gas bill. For example, with a clean oven door, you won’t have to open your oven and let out heat to see how your food is cooking. Opening the oven frequently when cooking means it has to partially reheat each time, using more energy and costing you more money.

Improved health: Cooking in a dirty oven can expose you to harmful bacteria. Want to avoid longer cleaning times? Clean your oven after each use to avoid dirt and grime build up and avoid contaminating your food

Better tasting food: When your oven has food build up covering the racks and corners, it’s harder for heat to be distributed properly to warm your food. And, let’s face it—food cooked in a clean oven just tastes better.  


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